Friday, June 13, 2008

Business is picking up!

This week has been the first week that I've been able to devote all my "work time" to Mama Duck's Nest. Actually, I worked at my other job for a little while on Monday morning, but other than that...

It's been a great week! I've enjoyed it much more than my other job. And I'm seeing results already! I've been to the post office every day this week with armloads. It's been great! AND I can see a little more of the floor in my office, which is a great thing! I've been buying, but not listing for a couple of months (while working my other job). I've spent the week listing items. I've listed 112 more items in the last few days. And I took yesterday afternoon off to go play with the kids!

It's also been a very difficult week. Guitar Hero has been on some medicine for over a month now that has helped him so much! I've seen some great things happening and even others have noticed. BUT! It caused him to lose his appetite and he lost 8 pounds! The doctor had to take him off of it! So he tried another kind. We began that on Sunday. It went downhill from there. By Wednesday he was flat out evil! CandyMan and Missy Prissy were totally freaked out by his meanness. I was too. Then on Thursday, he was just completely miserable. I took the kids to lunch and to the fountains to play. He didn't even want to go. He wanted to come home and do nothing. At lunch, he ate nothing and just sat there trying to pull his hair out (literally!). At one point he started banging his head on the table. He didn't even realize he was doing it until I pointed it out! Poor kid. That is when I realized - the new medicine!! I called the doctor and he stopped that medicine immediately. I picked up another new kind today and we'll start it tomorrow. Sure hope it works...

I have other news too, but it deserves it's own disgusting place on my blog!

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