Monday, January 28, 2008

The Well

Friday night I got to attend a Single Mom's Dinner at a church here in town. It is called The Well. They provide fun programs and pizza for our children and feed us moms a nice dinner. Then a speaker talks to us about issues that single mom's face.

First of all, this is a very difficult event for me to attend. I am full of good excuses not to go. Earlier last year I was angry. I didn't want to be a single mom. Hearing about single mom things made me mad. It broke the floodgates that I was working so hard to keep intact! My children still refer to this church as the place where mommy left crying! I didn't go back for a few months because of this.

Then, as I came to accept my place and my needs as a single mom, I struggled with going alone. Okay, I'm still struggling with that. After 11 years of marriage, you don't realize how dependant you get on your spouse to just "go with you". I hate going everywhere alone. Especially if I don't know anybody!!! So for a few more months, I didn't go because of this.

Then God brought along another single mom friend to go with me! (He said, "No More Excuses!") So we went. The speaker, Kim, just speaks right to my heart. Each month I leave encouraged and challenged. Not overwhelmed though. I take something that I can apply. Something doable. And I just feel better as a single mom. We are doing okay. We are going to be alright. I can be a godly mommy for my kids - no matter what else is going on.

Two months ago, my challenge was to get back into God's Word with my children. I had slowly gotten away from this. Our evenings were so rushed. My goal was always to get them into bed! At this event, I was reminded of the importance of ending our day together - in His Word and in prayer. I immediately applied this and began reading to them each night and praying together before bed. I first apologized to them, for not being the mom God wanted and they needed. They jumped right onto it (if nothing else, to stay up a little more each night!!). It quickly became such a blessing for each of us - a time of focus, learning, togetherness and sweetness. If I forgot, they were quick to remind me!

Now with the rush of Christmas and all the new "stuff" to play with...we've gotten lazy about it again. Maybe 2 days a week we do it. Princess still asks and I've actually said, it's too late, gotta get in the bed. I'm recommitting to do it! Starting today!!

Next time, I'll tell you about this month's talk. It is a juicy one. Well, maybe I'd better call it a not-juicy topic.... stay tuned.

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