Friday, January 18, 2008

Answers and change of plans...

Well, I thought I'd have more answers about Game Master's bizarre symptoms by this point. Still no rash. And the pain has spread into his left arm now. They couldn't get him an appointment with a neurologist until late February!!

He was examined by two pediatricians today and they feel very strongly that he has shingles. They sent us to Children's Hospital to have some labwork done. We won't have the results for about a week, but then we'll know for sure. I am pretty convinced that this is what he has though.

The good news? No school for the next four days anyway! We won't be traveling this weekend as we had planned (since we were visiting family where someone has lupus!!), but we'll still have a nice little "home vacation". Game Master can rest. I can get some things organized for Mama Duck's Nest. We are starting with a movie night - and going to watch this. And I've promised to make this tomorrow!

Have a good weekend!


Lookin' Up said...

Email me...I can't find your address...I have a few thoughts about the pain.
Love you,

Pam said...

As mamas we know better than anyone else what ails our children.

Continue to do what you know is best and definitely get in touch with Kelly since she is so knowledgeable as well.

We enjoyed that movie somewhat. The kids loved it . . . me, not so much.

We LOVE banana pudding, and that one looks fantastic.

Thanks for stopping by the other day and commenting. It was SO good to hear from you.

I need to chat with you for real sometime soon about how to set up a store on eBay. I would love to do that too, so I can contribute something to our income. It looks like a great way to blend the things I love with staying at home.