Tuesday, January 08, 2008

It's Hannah Montana!

My sweet daughter has been obsessed with hair for the last month! If I hear, "Mommy, do I have blond hair?" one more time I will scream! I've taken to answering it..."a little bit" - explained by the sun-bleached strands in the front (well, what's left of the hair in the front that she didn't chop off during her little misadventures last month...but that's another story for another time).

For one weekend just before Christmas, everyone that we encountered heard, "I want hair like Hannah Montana". It really was obsessive (ask anyone at Bri's birthday party)!!
That exact weekend, my parents spent most of their time shopping. At the end of the weekend, mom just happened to call to say..."we got Princess a Hannah Montana wig for Christmas, do you think she'll like it??"


Anonymous said...

I Love your title! Mama Duck - cute

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Jennifer said...

Wow! The dugans obviously haven't read your blog to see that you are a single mom with three kids who just lost her job!!!

Anyway.....Princess looks great with her wig. I think Hannah Montana is great.

Pam said...

Princess looks fabulous. I've got one here who would love to try that on as well (Sweetcheeks).

We love Hannah Montana and even have a poster of her in the girls' room.

nancygrayce said...

The wig is too funny! My great niece also got one and it is so tangled up she can't possibly wear it!!! :)