Thursday, January 03, 2008

We wish you a very happy 2008!

I am praying for an AMAZING year for me and my little ducklings!
I know this last year has been our most difficult and I am able to see how far we've come. My main focus has been on my children and their healing and well-being. This year I'm going to add the focus of my healing and well-being.
I know that God has big things in store for us this year and I can't wait to see what happens!
Our theme for this year:
All at the same time!!


Pam said...

Praying right along with you, dear Mama Duck. May God show you great and mighty things that only He can do in your life this year.

This is a precious photo of your ducklings. I've already posted the one you sent us in my mock photo gallery in our kitchen. Love their smiles!

Miss y'all!!

Leeann M. Samples said...

What a beautiful photo!! I have to tell you - we enjoyed our visit with you and the kids so much before Christmas! Your family is beautiful inside and out!!

We will continue praying for you! God definitely has a plan!

Love ya!
LA :)