Thursday, September 21, 2006

Thursday Morning Ugh!

Well, things just keep getting worse here! No really, I'm thankful for many things today, even under the circumstances!

I'm thankful for the good health of Game Master and Candy Man. I'm thankful for antibiotics, so that when I get nasty sinus infections/bronchitis I can be feeling better within a few days! I'm thankful for the sweetness and love of my children - which is mostly unconditional and abundant! I'm thankful for God's assurance - of my salvation, of His presence in my life, of decisions that I'm making that I've asked for direction from Him (there is nothing like His peace, is there?).

The circumstances? Pretty Princess is sick now. She says her "mouth" hurts and sticks her finger down her throat to show me where! She's snotty and coughy, so we are headed to the pediatrician today. She has a history of getting strep pretty easily. Plus, she started school this year - you know what that means! I'm feeling much better, but I'm still coughing my head off! This makes me hurt (chest, head, neck) and occasionally have a urinary faux pas (what a pain and embarrasment!).

Anyway, the circumstances aren't all that bad. You may remember a previous post about how I feel about my kid's being sick! I'm getting better about it! The Lord is my sustainer. I remember today that He is in control. He must've had a reason for me to be at home today, rather than working a few hours this morning and taking the boys to their PE class, and me getting to spend a little time with a really good friend who I haven't gotten to spend time with in so long... I trust Him. This is what He wants for me today.

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Dorothy said...

There's a lot of sickness going around, which I'm finding a little too frequent. At work, everyone is either sick or has been sick. My boyfriend now doesn't feel good. Hope it's just a change in the weather. I refuse to get sick, so let's see how far that gets me, lol.