Friday, September 08, 2006

Sweet (unexpected) moments with your children

If you are a stay at home mom and have young children, you know how difficult bedtime can be. You are exhausted and ready for them to be in bed so you can have a little time to yourself. You have a tendency to rush this time and push them off to their rooms. Then an hour later, you regret that push and miss them already!

Well, when this occurred last night, I snuck back in their rooms to check on them. The boys were still awake. And they were in the same bed together (which they do frequently, by choice). So, I crawled in with them! We giggled, we laughed, we gaffawed! We cuddled, we snuggled, we nuzzled! We talked, we shared, we dreamed! And we prayed together.

It was the sweetest time! I'm still on a high this morning from it - and so are they!


Peach said...

That's so cool! That sounds like the nights when I forget to be stern when JD gets out of bed for the 15th time and choose to snuggle with him instead. They really are little for such a short time.

I'm proud of you, friend. Miss you, too.

Wanta get together tomorrow?

Anonymous said...

No deep or meaningful thoughts for you, just wanted you to know I thought that was really sweet.

momrn2 said...

Truly those are some of the best moments of all!