Monday, September 11, 2006

Monday morning update

It has been a truly crazy busy week this past week! Almost everything homeschool got started at once (and what didn't start last week, starts this week!). It was a great week though! I am so thankful that Princess is in a preschool. It is so good for her and makes it so much easier on the boys running all over to activities, etc. I know she gets so tired of waiting on them everywhere. Now she just has to do it one evening a week and at soccer games on Saturdays. Much better for her!

Just Peachy was in town this weekend and I missed her (missed = to fail to meet AND missed = to feel the lack or loss of) . I love you, girl!

Game Master has suffered with croup all weekend though. We are going to see the doctor this afternoon. I think he's going to need an inhaler for soccer too. His asthma is rearing it's ugly head when he runs very much. I keep praying that he will outgrow this...

This may sound weird, but I have felt so good lately! I mean physically. I've been making a point to eat healthier and I can really tell a difference. I've had more energy - it's really amazing (I know it shouldn't be that much of a surprise, it's silly!). I've been getting more done and having energy left over. It is really strange for me. Seems like for 2 or 3 years now, I've been so tired and dragging. I'm feeling more like myself lately!

In fact, it is time to get moving and start school! Have a great Monday!

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Faith said...

Glad your so peepy these days - good for you! sorry you missed Peach though!

My youngest daughter - mom of G-Baby has asthma too. bummer!