Monday, September 04, 2006

Plans and Agendas

This weekend, I got to do the next chapter in the Bible study I'm doing. It was titled "Plans and Agendas". This is a topic I've encountered many times before, as I am certainly a planner!

Sometimes, it feels like it is so hard to know what is God's plan! You can ask yourself, is this my will or God's? It seems like this is so hard to answer.

Really, it isn't that difficult. There is a simple question to ask that will answer. "Am I surrendered to Christ? Am I walking in the Spirit?" If the answer is no, then we can be assured that we are attempting to live out our own plans.

But scripture says that human plans WILL fail, but if it is God's plan, then it cannot be overthrown (Acts 5:38-39). God is in control and He will work out His plans in our lives. He does leave it up to us to follow or fight it. Do you follow? Or do you fight it?

I so desperately want to follow! But I get so easily distracted by trials.

This week's "trinket" is a feather duster. I need to clear my head of my own plans and lean on the Lord to show me the way. His way.

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