Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Summer Bible Study is over!

I got to be apart of an incredible Bible Study this summer. My friend Lisa and I decided to do something together this summer to keep us in the Word and not get too lazy. We thought it'd be fun to do this study and get together every other week for lunch at her house and discuss it. My friend Jen (in Ohio) told me about the study and invited me to do it. Lisa had seen it on the web and thought about it already. So - there you go! We decided to do it.

I had NO idea how it would change my life! I always expect to be challenged when I do a Bible Study, but I never saw this coming!

The study was introduced on Beth Moore's blog. She challenged women to join her in doing a study over the summer. She put a video on the blog every other week to watch and discuss with your group. Women from all 50 states proceeded to sign up! I know that over 500 finished it - the count is still rising. Then Lisa's sister-in-law Beth joined in and the three of us spent the summer doing the "No Other Gods" study by Kelly Minter.

I had been "jumping through all of the hoops" to get my surgery approved and scheduled since January. I had been praying about it all along the way. I had been asking God for the strength to go through with it. The surgery is not easy. And it is just a tool. It still takes great discipline and restraint!

This study really made me aware of how much my love for food and eating was a sin. It became so apparent that it was an idol in my life. I was challenged to give it up as an offering to God. This process brought me to the point of being so willing to make right eating choices for God. I even lost 10 pounds before the surgery. It has had a great impact on my heart. I am thankful! I feel like I've been set free!

Here are my Summer Siestas!

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Jennifer said...

The study has been huge in my life too. Hopefully I'll blog about it, but the main idol that kept coming back to me is my need for others approval. I need to be rid of my people pleasing ways. I am feeling some freedom from it. Still have a ways to go.