Monday, August 11, 2008

And...they're off!

Well, today is the day. It's been much anticipated and a little dreaded. My little ducklings are all at school.

Yes, I am excited about the new school and so, so thankful for God's gift that they can all three attend. I am sure that it will be a better year. I just wish that I could homeschool them.

They all handled it like pros. I'm so proud of them. Missy Prissy did ask me three times, "Mommy, what if I'm not brave and I'm shy?" She is such an outgoing child - after she gets to know you. She is VERY shy at first and it is so hard for her to get past it. Now, once she's past it, look out!

I walked them in to the morning assembly (they start everyday all together in assembly for prayer and devotion!!). After each class was dismissed and went to their classrooms, I went down to Missy's room to carry the rest of her stuff down to her. She had big tears in her eyes (before she even saw me). When she saw me, she started bawling! I took her into the hall and held her for a few minutes. Her teacher was taking the class to show them where the bathrooms were, so she went with them bravely.

Letting go... again...

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Jennifer said...

I love hearing how excited you are for your kids to be going to a Christian school. I love seeing their pictures. Miss you lots.