Friday, August 08, 2008

This ain't no public school!

I'm so excited! We went to the kid's new school Open House last night. It was so amazingly different than public school! I'm so excited!

To hear that my children's teachers have been praying for them by name every day this summer and will continue to do so every day this year! To begin the assembly with prayer! To end the assembly with laying hands on each teacher and praying for them!! I was so ecstatic and had to be glowing!! I can't tell you what it felt like to put my hand on Guitar Hero's teacher and pray for her and to look her in the eyes afterwards and see her tears and hug her!! Wow!! How powerful!

School starts on Monday. I know most moms are so ready for school to start by this point. I'm not. Sorry, but I'm not! I love having my kids at home! I do! I love having lazy evenings with them, staying up with them, sleeping in. I love being able to go and do as we please! I love their relaxed attitudes that no school allows. I love their hugs throughout the day as I'm working. I even love their interruptions and opportunities to spend time one on one with each child! But it is almost over...

Back to hurry, hurry. Back to schedules, homework, agendas, studying, mealtimes, bedtimes, and all the emotions and upsets that go with all of that structure!! Still, maybe it will be better with all the additional prayer from the school. Do you know that everyday at school will begin with an assembly where they will pray and have a devotion? How very different from public school. What a great tone to start the day! Oh, how I pray it will make the difference in my children too!

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