Tuesday, March 10, 2009

All kinds of updates

There has been so much going on here, I haven't had time to blog. Of course, missing almost 2 months of work and housework has given me plenty to do around here! Not that I shouldn't be doing that now... in fact, let me go change out the laundry...I'll be right back...

Okay. So I haven't recovered from my surgery as fast as I'd hoped. But then I found out that my feeling so weak probably has nothing to do with the surgery! I've been having dizzy spells, feeling like I'm going to pass out every time I turn around or stand up! I just black out! AnnieBeth recommended that I take my blood pressure. (I haven't had to do that in several months, since I quit taking bp medicine and it was fine.) That first time I took it, it was 84/40! Whoa! It hasn't been above 104/72 for the last week. It has been consistently low. I talked to my bariatric doctor's office. They had just drawn a bunch of bloodwork in February. It was all great - no dehydration, blood loss or vitamin deficiencies. They were thrilled with those results, but concerned and stumped by my low blood pressure. They referred me to my PCP.

I saw her yesterday. She just smiled really big and asked if I was still taking thyroid medicine. I said I was - I had been told that my weight loss probably wouldn't affect my need for thyroid medicine. She thinks that it has anyway!! She said I am probably overcorrecting now and won't have to take the med anymore. It is probably what is causing the low blood pressure. I should get those test results back today. I hope that is what it is!! That'd be great!

My Grandmommy's health has been up and down for the past month. But as of this weekend, I heard that she'd improved enough to be eating some solid food again!

My kids are struggling. They are desperately in need of a break! Fortunately, there are just 3 more days of school before Spring Break! No, we aren't going anywhere (I wish we were - the beach sounds so good..). I am hoping for some pretty weather here to go to the park and picnics and bike rides and walks! Some real spring weather would be so great!

I am praying for God's direction for the kid's school next year. I will be applying later today for a scholarship again. If God miraculous provides for next year again, then they will all 3 attend the Christian school again. If not, I'll know it is His will for me to homeschool. I don't see how that would be possible, which is why I think he will provide for the Christian school. We'll see...

My good friend, Kendra, had back surgery last week. I'm covering for her, leading our small group, Daughters of the King (for single women). I love these ladies so much. I'm so glad to be able to do it! I am so burdened by their struggles right now. I feel for each one of them. I think this is good timing. It helps me keep my own "stuff" in perspective!

So, everyone have a great week! Hope you are getting a break soon too! I intend to enjoy it!!

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Emmy said...

You have been a very busy Mama Duck! I love you so much and am so thankful for you. Thank you for taking two stray little ducklings under your wing this past week. Your love, advice, and prayers have been felt!