Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Snow and Surgery

For the first time in CandyMan and Missy Prissy's life, it has snowed in East Tennessee - enough for them to go sledding! I'm so excited for them. Unfortunately, I had to drive on slick roads yesterday to pick them up from school yesterday (for the first time). Thankfully, despite other cars sliding off the road everywhere, we made it home safely. Of course, this was my first day driving the kids (I've been banned from driving for 2 weeks due to surgery). It was a little nerve racking. I am glad they are out of school today - I needed the extra rest!

So, about the surgery...many of you have been asking on Facebook. Sorry that I haven't answered. I just can't sit at the computer for very long yet. I had a hysterectomy with several repairs. It has wiped me out good. Even 2 1/2 weeks later, I'm still in pain and so very tired. Other women warned me that it'd be this way, but you know me - I'm super woman. Wrong! I am fine though. I had to have the surgery not so much because of any "female problems" that I was having, but because everything was falling out. Nothing was in the place it was suppose to be. Maybe it was from birthing 2 big boys and damage caused during their births. Maybe from age (I refuse to say "old" age). Maybe from my weight loss (was that extra fat holding everything up?). Who knows, but it had to be fixed.

Here are a few beautiful pictures taken yesterday in Tennessee!

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