Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Feeling's a good thing!

God has been working in my heart this week. There are so many ladies around me who are struggling. My heart is broken for them. I want to be there for them and be strong. Their circumstances put mine into great perspective. I needed that.

Just before He made me aware of all of their needs, He showed me my own need to LET GO! I have been holding on too tightly to Game Master. I feel this huge burden to fix him - to help him. God let me know that I am not capable of that. It is not my responsibility to try so obsess about GM and his problems. I want him to be happy. I want him to be happy RIGHT NOW. God has let me know that it isn't going to happen today, it is going to take time - and HIM. I'm stepping in and messing things up. So, I've committed to stepping aside and allowing Him to do it His way (He really does know better than me).

Meanwhile, God has shown me CandyMan's need to be discipled and ministered to. We spent a great time together last night and he is so open to hearing and growing. He felt so much better this morning and even had a quiet time instead of playing during his extra few minutes before leaving for school!

Every day this week a friend (different ones) has called in need of advise or prayer. I think God needed me to let go of Game Master to make room for others who needed me. I'm thankful to be needed. I'm thankful to be used by Him. It is so much more rewarding and fulfilling to be used by God than it is to try to do it all yourself! If He needs me to work in GM's life, then I will!

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