Tuesday, June 12, 2007

It's a brighter day...

Isn't it amazing how much better a cleaner house can make you feel? (Notice I didn't say a "clean" house, since that's never gonna happen!) I spent an hour this evening tidying up and cleaning a bit. Not the whole house - just two rooms - the living room and kitchen.

I started a small group for single mom's a couple months ago and I've struggled with getting it going good. I realized that my main reason for that is trying to get my house ready for it!!! This past weekend I renewed my commitment to getting the group started by contacting some that are interested and inviting them to join us this week. Tonight, my hill to climb was to just clean up a bit so that I won't feel so much pressure coming home tomorrow to get ready! I get home at 6pm and the group starts at 6:30pm (and I have to feed my kids first!).

Oops! There I go again...poor me....

Must stop.

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