Sunday, November 26, 2006

I'm moving!

Yes, you may remember that my house was for sale earlier this year. Well, if you've read more recent posts, then you know that I'm moving for different reasons. God never ceases to amaze me - especially in difficult times!

I have two more weeks here before the kids and I will be in our new house. We got the keys this week and have begun the extreme-home-makeover process that is necessary when buying a 'used' house.

I'm so excited about the neighborhood! We were there all day yesterday - stripping wallpaper (fun! fun!). My little ducklings played outside all day, meeting the neighborhood kids. A game of touch football was played, scooters and bikes were ridden, a favorite card game was played. I'm so thrilled for my little ones - to have a neighborhood where there are other kids to play with! They've been lonely here.

Each time that I went to the window to check on them (every 5 minutes - ha!), I got teary-eyed! I am thrilled for them! I look forward to getting this messy work of painting/cleaning/packing/moving all done and settled into our new home! And just in time for Christmas!

Thank You, God!

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meLanie said...

congratulations! what a way to celebrate this Christmas!